About me

My name is Olga, I am a photographer living in London and traveling all around the world. I was born and raised in Russia. When I was 16, my older brother dragged me all the way to London, and it was just about time when I first started falling in love with photography.


When it comes to taking photos of couples, I absolutely love catching genuine, sincere emotions of each loving couple to reflect true essence of the relationship. Love is what inspires me the most, as I believe that being in love is the most beautiful and pure feeling which we get to experience in our life. I use natural light + my camera to reveal the intimate connection and beautiful romance of two loving souls creating a keepsake which will last forever. 


Whether it is a couple or portrait shoot, my main goal is to create a super relaxed atmosphere to make people feel comfortable with me. As I’ve always been a very sensitive and introverted person, I know how hard it is for most of us to be in front of the camera. It’s my main responsibility to help and guide you through the shoot making sure you are comfortable and relaxed.


If you would like me to capture your story, please do get in touch & we will create something unique and beautiful together!

Just a few random fun facts about me

  • Originally, I’m Korean but I was born and raised in Moscow
  • I don’t speak Korean, my native language is Russian
  • I am overly sentimental and quite introverted 
  • My second favourite thing after photography is traveling 
  • I get inspired by people, sunsets, sun showers, light and shadows
  • I love everything coconut
  • I've probably watched all the shark movies (or most of them)
  • I am a night owl